Brett James was born to serve. A second generation Air Force Veteran, Brett retired as a Master Sergeant with 20 years spent in the enlisted ranks. On advice from friends and family, he took flight on a career in standup comedy in 2012 after returning home from a high-stress deployment to Yemen. His hilarious perspectives of both military and civilian life have contributed to delighting crowds all over the country. He is a already a featured comedian in clubs across Middle and South America, a known performer at many comedy festivals and often entertains U.S. servicemen and women across the globe with the comedy troupe, "The Veterans of Comedy." Most recently, he was awarded the title of "Oklahoma City's Funniest Comedian for 2016."  You can also hear him on the wildly popular morning wake-up show, "The Monsters in the Morning," every other Monday morning at 7am. His hilarious outlook on his life and service provides an experience that helps, heals and has you laughing for more! He's PROUD TO SERVE!!!

Brett James the Halfrican American

Stand Up Comedy in Orlando